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Providing an innovative approach to the “industry within an industry”, Kelly Taylor has a dedicated team specialising solely in the provision of utilities and infrastructure. Experience includes:

  • Provision of all utilities to over 20,000,000m² of development
  • Service provision from over 20km to the site
  • Individual developments over 500 hectares
  • Dedicated 132/11kv primary sub-stations and IP/MP gas AGI provisions
  • Co-ordinated on and off site services distribution
  • Centralised sprinkler and hydrant water supplies and borehole installations

Green Park Reading

  • Saved client in excess of £3m on utilities
  • Innovative external street lighting 
  • 2MW wind turbine

Magna Park Lutterworth

  • Largest dedicated distribution park in Europe
  • Central sprinkler and private sewerage treatment
  • Services connections from up to 20km away

100 Bishopsgate

  • Phased deactivation/disconnection of all utilities to mixed use development.
  • All new supplies installed to site boundary prior to redevelopment.
  • £4.5 million utility budget.

Whitefriars Canterbury

  • Multi-use scheme retail and residential
  • Historic City Centre redevelopment
  • Saved client in excess of £500,000 on utilities on £3.6 million budget

St. Davids

  • Utility Services masterplanners for 70,000m² city centre redevelopment
  • Saved client in excess of £900,000 on utilities on £9 million budget
  • Multi-use scheme residential, commercial, public realm and library